This page was created as a place to highlight and feature articles, websites and other resources that we have found valuable over the years. Where possible we have tried to categorize them. If you know of a great resources that belongs on the page please reach out and let us know!

Native Plant Nurseries, Seeds & Supplies – Prairie Moon Nursery, the largest native plant collection available for retail sales in the United States – U.S. based company that sells the Charles Dowding seed starting trays & modules – U.S. based company that sells various seeds, seed mixes & supplies. I found them looking for cover & habitat mixes. In particular I love their “bedding blend” cover & habitat mix! – U.S. based nursery with a focus on edible plants & trees. They use no herbicides or GMO strains. They provide good, detailed information on the plants they sell, including flavor profiles, soil preferences & zone hardiness. – Michigan based wholesale/retail nursery that sells bare-root trees & shrubs. Because they ship bare-root you can get pretty developed/large trees at reasonable prices. – This website has fantastic information on butterfly gardening, and links to her Etsy store where she sells over 25 varieties of milkweed as well as other pollinator plant seeds. – Michigan native plant nursery specializing in native Michigan Genotype plants. Wildtype also provides consulting and ecological services to public, commercial and residential projects focusing on restoration and preservation of native landscapes. – South East Michigan Nursery that carries a selection of Michigan native plants grown by WildType Nursery. They also have a wonderful butterfly house maintained by the “Butterfly Lady of Michigan”, Brenda Dziedzic.

Pollinator Gardens – Website of Brenda Dziedzic, the “Butterfly Lady of Michigan”. Excellent information on butterfly gardening, Monarch planting & habitat. Brenda operates the butterfly house at Barson’s Nursery in Westland, MI. – This website has fantastic information on butterfly gardening, and links to her Etsy store where she sells over 25 varieties of milkweed as well as other pollinator plant seeds.

Wildlife Rehabs – Motor City Possum Rescue – Motor City Possum Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to rehabilitating injured and/or orphaned wildlife. I work directly with Cindy from Motor City Possum, where Mama Possum came to us from!

PETA Wildlife Rehabbers By State – A state by state listing of front page resources to help locate wildlife rehabbers in your area.

Michigan DNR Wildlife Rehabbers – Official Michigan DNR listing of licensed wildlife rehabbers by city/county.

Quail Resources –

Natural Quail Keeping Facebook Group – Facebook group focusing on natural quail keeping methods.

Coturnix Corner Youtube Page – The Youtube page for Coturnix Corner with many resources for raising quail. In general I support natural quail keeping methods – while more of a mainstream resource, Coturnix Corner presents a ton of useful information on quail raising in general and do cover some natural methods as well! – Website of Myshire Farm selling quail eggs, quail & supplies with lots of useful information on raising quail in general.

MyshireFarm Youtube Channel – Myshire Farm Youtube channel containing tons of useful information about incubating, hatching & brooding quail.

Gardeners, Blogs & Creators –

I Am Organic Gardening Youtube Channel – I am Organic Gardening – Youtube channel of Mark Doornbosch which focuses on organic growing techniques. – Edible Acres – Website & Nursery of Sean & Sarah – probably the single most helpful resource for me personally on my journey to understanding how to rebalance nature and humanity. -Website of Huw Richards, UK gardener & educator focusing on organic & natural growing methods – proponent of the ‘no-dig’ method of gardening. – Website of Charles Dowding, UK gardener & educator – many educational videos on his youtube channel. Great information about seed starting, lots of experimental projects to learn from. – Website of Jessica Sowards, U.S. based gardener & educator – many educational videos on her youtube channel. Great information about growing food, homesteading & self sufficiency. – Website of Liz Zorab & Mr. J, Welsch based gardeners & educators with a focus on Permaculture, food forests, market gardens & cut-flower fields. Some information about livestock.– Website of Akiva Silver, N.Y. based gardener & educator, author of the book “Trees of Power” which I highly recommend. This book filled me with an overwhelming joy. His passion and love for trees and for the planet comes alive in these pages, a truly inspiring read!