Dancing with Daisies is owned and operated by husband & wife team Nathalie Wood and David Bitterman.

We created Dancing with Daisies as a way to share our passion for native plants, soil fertility, pollinator ecology, and habitat & small-space gardening. It is our hope that, through programs like our “natives for neighbors” initiative, we can help spread the word about the small everyday actions each of us can take to revitalize our local landscapes and invite ecological balance to return to our yards.

For information, tips and tricks to help you create the garden of your dreams please visit the blog page of this website where you can find helpful and informative videos. In addition to our videos we also work with an exclusive group of plant loving designers to create the bright and cheerful gardening gear featured in our store! 

If you have any questions or would like to reach out and connect please visit our contact page and drop us a note, we’d love to hear from you!